Men have body confidence issues in the bedroom

It’s not just women who worry about their flabby bits when they’re having sex with their partner.  Men suffer from body confidence issues too. According to a new survey by the UK’s first online health surgery for men, Man MOT, guys are less likely to initiate sex if they are feeling unattractive. More than a quarter of those questioned said they have considered losing weight in order to boost their libido. Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox commented: “What’s clear from the research is that it’s not just women who suffer from low self-esteem in the bedroom.” She suggested that Man MOT, launched by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, will enable guys who may be reluctant to visit their GP to get professional advice from doctors on a range of sexual health issues. The research comes after a survey by revealed that almost half of women prefer to keep at least one item of clothing on during sex. Of these, more than half said they do so because they lack the confidence to get completely naked in front of their partner.

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