Men and women ‘out of sync’ in the bedroom

When it comes to sexual desire, men and women are out of sync, according to scientists who have been studying arousal.

They found that in men, body and mind act as one and when a guy becomes aroused his body always reacts. In women this is not always the case.

The researchers analysed a series of studies published between 1969 and 2007 which saw male and female participants exposed to a variety of sexual stimuli.

Scientists measured their subjective and physiological responses to see whether the two matched up.

While the men showed no inconsistencies between their body and their brain, the women did, suggesting that sexual arousal in women is a little more complicated.

Paula Hall, a sexual therapist for Relate, told the Express newspaper that a lot of women would agree with this.

"Sometimes physically they may feel aroused but emotionally, mentally and psychologically they are not in the mood."

The findings come after scientists at King’s College London claimed the G-spot does not exist and that the erogenous zone is actually a figment of women’s imaginations.

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