Mario Falcone – Sexting for Self Esteem?

Reality television star Mario Falcone has admitted to ‘sexting’ other girls to boost his ego!

The Only Way is Essex cast member stated that his behaviour was “never about the other girls…It was about distracting myself and the way I felt about myself.” This was after his girlfriend, Lucy, was papped leaving her ex’s flat last September, and Mario felt that his confidence had been damaged.

We all know that it’s nice to have an extra bit of attention, a flirty look or a like on one of our Facebook pictures, but is ‘sexting’ taking it too far?

76% of women regard this kind of behaviour as a type of infidelity, and we have to agree with them there!

Although there is a massive ego-boost involved in this type of behaviour, it destroys trust in a relationship, and that’s something that is very hard to get back.

At sextoys HQ, we just don’t think it’s acceptable – naughty Mario!


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