Man arrested after calling 911 for sex

A man from Florida in the US was so desperate for sex that he called 911 to request some over-the-phone nookie.

Joshua Basso claimed he had run out of credit on his mobile phone so could not call his usual premium-rate numbers.

Realising that he could call 911 for free, the 29-year-old proceeded to dial, talking dirty to the female operator on the other end.

At first, she hung up, after which Mr Basso called back four more times and asked the operator if she would come to his house for a little bedroom action.

Recognising an opportunity to catch him out, the woman played along, asking Mr Basso his address so she would know where to find him.

He was arrested 15 minutes later by police who arrived at his home and has since been charged with making a false emergency call.

Mr Basso is not the only one to let his libido get him in trouble with the law.

In the UK, a couple have been taken to court for breaching a noise abatement order with their loud sex sessions.

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