Madonna prefers shoes to sex

Her image may have revolved around sex on several occasions during her illustrious career, but it seems Madonna would rather buy a new pair of Jimmy Choos than enjoy a little bedroom action, according to the famous shoe designer.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said the singer once told him she finds slipping on a pair of his heels more satisfying than having sex with a man.

“At least you know they are going to last forever,” the 51-year-old had remarked.

Her comments make quite a turnaround from previous announcements about her sex life with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna had boasted that despite several years of marriage and taking care of children, the pair still enjoyed plenty of nookie.

But she may not be the only woman in the world who would take a new pair of shoes over sex.

According to a recent survey by shoe storage retailer, more then 92% of women remember the first footwear they bought with their own money, while just 63% remember their first kiss.

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