Lube Is To Sex, What Fireworks Are To November!

If there’s one thing that any sex toy retailer, expert or owner can tell you, it is that lube really is the key to taking normal sex to EXPLOSIVE sex!

It allows more contact and less friction for effortless pleasure, and also (depending on the brand) can have natural benefits for the skin too. What’s not to love?

There’s a whole host of personal lubricant styles from Water-based to Silicone-based, flavoured to tingling, and even race-specific!…there really is something for everyone.

With this in mind, we wanted to celebrate how beneficial lube is to everyone’s sex lives by running a promotion for the month of November whereby our customers can benefit from FREE Give Lube when they check out with orders £30 or over!

All you need to do is…

Spend £30 or above to get a FREE Premium Aqua Lubeshot

Spend £40 or above to get a FREE Premium Aqua Mini

Spend £50 or above to get a FREE Premium Aqua Maxi

Amazing right?

You can be guaranteed sex with fireworks from November the 5th and beyond with this fantastic offer!

Fact: The ancient Romans used to use olive oil as lube!

About Give Lube

Give Lube is “an award winning brand, created to maximise the potential that is already within all of us and help everyone be a great, pleasure giving lover.

But don’t just take our word for it, they are the lube of choice for various sexperts, bloggers and sex toy review sites too!

Give Lube also believe that “you get what you put into your relationship and that giving is the bedrock for any intimate relationship, that will lead to both your partner’s and own sexual and relationship fulfilment, and will not only make your bed rock but your world rock.” Ooooh we like what we’re hearing!

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