Lock up your guns…and sex toys!

In America, owning a gun is almost more popular than owning a sex toy! Obviously one can do more damage than the other but in the hands of children, neither are a good idea!

This viral video was the brainchild of Evolve, an organisation which promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun violence in America.

Based on the knowledge that children are inquisitive by nature, getting into every cupboard and drawer they can, this clever vid plays on that familiar scenario and whilst has a funny outcome, gets people thinking, making a connection between daily, light-hearted occurrences and the possibility of a dangerous situation.

Evolve’s aim is to “make safety and saving lives aspirational, through mass media campaigns that ignite conversations. We will do this through mass communications channels – TV, major websites, YouTube, mass transit — talking to people in their living rooms and where they conduct their lives.”

Clever. Very clever.


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