Learn what turns you on with sex toys

Sex toys are not only very pleasurable, they can also act as educational tools, according to one expert.

Writing in the Detroit Free Press, Isadora Alman said women can use vibrators and other gadgets to find out what turns them on.

She was responding to a query from a 32-year-old reader who claimed she had never experienced an orgasm.

Ms Alman said that in order to show her partner how to touch her, the reader needed to learn how to stimulate herself in the right way.

"A man doesn’t give you an orgasm," she stressed. "With the right mindset and stimulation of the right parts, it happens.

"Exciting yourself with your own hand or, better yet, with a vibrator or personal massager lets you know where that spot might be."

She pointed out that more than half of women are unable to climax through intercourse alone, so foreplay may be essential for some.

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