Lady Gaga imposes sex ban on dancers

Lady Gaga has reportedly banned her dancers from having sex while on tour to help them focus their energy.

The Poker Face singer told the performers working on her Monster Ball tour that she wants them to make love to her on stage and no one else.

A source told the Daily Star; “She has made it quite clear to all her dancers they are not allowed to have sex while the tour is still going.

“She wants them to give 100 per cent on stage so she doesn’t want them wasting energy on bedtime action.”

And it seems the 24-year-old is a stickler for the rules, as the insider said she’s willing to sack anyone who flouts them.

Perhaps she just doesn’t want her dancers to be getting more action than she is.

In an interview with the Daily Mail last month, Lady Gaga she is celibate at the moment because she wants to focus on her career instead of boyfriends.

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