Lady Gaga advocates safe sex

She often shocks fans and critics with her crazy dress sense and wild antics, but it seems Lady Gaga is quite sensible when it comes to sex.

The Paparazzi songstress recently spoke up for safe sex, insisting that, much like a designer handbag, no one should be seen without a condom.

“I think we should all remember that the ultimate accessory is a condom,” she said at the Accessories Council Exchange awards in New York.

But sensible certainly doesn’t mean dull. On the contrary – Lady Gaga has been somewhat outspoken about her adventurous sex life in the past.

She admitted on the Jonathan Ross talk show that her hit song Poker Face is about getting jiggy with her boyfriend while imagining sex with another woman.

The 23-year-old also told Fab magazine that she once made love in the back of a New York taxi cab, insisting she’d definitely do it again.

“It’s always fun to do things that are sneaky,” she said. “Sneaky in sex is good.”

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