Kiwis enjoying healthy sex lives

Stuck in a sexual rut? Then you should perhaps talk to the Kinky Kiwis about why their sex lives are so hot.

According to a survey by Relationship Services, the majority of New Zealanders are happy with the sexual aspects of their partnerships.

Indeed, some 67 per cent said they are enjoying a satisfying sex life, while 83 per cent are content with their relationship overall.

Cary Hayward from Relationship Services explained that good sex can help to build intimacy and helps to keep a partnership strong.

The survey also showed that those who are most satisfied with their sex lives talk and listen to their partner more and discuss problems in the bedroom even when they are tough to breach.

Of course sex toys can also keep the passion alive. According to a recent survey by Durex, seven out of ten women from New Zealand wanted their partner to buy them a vibrator instead of a bunch of flowers this Valentine’s Day.

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