Kimberly Walsh: My sex life is private

Most celebrities can’t wait to spill the beans about what they get up to between the sheets, but singer Kimberly Walsh is remaining tight-lipped.

The Girls Aloud band member used her column in OK! magazine to set the record straight on her sex life.

It was reported recently that the 28-year-old Bradford babe had only ever had two sexual partners.

But she insisted she had never disclosed this information to journalists and claimed her words had been twisted.

“This came from an interview where I said I’d only had two long-term relationships,” Kimberly explained.

“I never said anything about how many people I’d slept with. It’s a very personal thing and I would never discuss this in an interview.”

The singer has been dating her current boyfriend Justin Scott for seven years and she recently revealed that she hopes to marry him soon.

“I caught the bouquet at my sister’s wedding last weekend, so maybe we’ll wed soon. We know it will happen eventually,” she stated.

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