Kim Cattrall: Cougars are ‘passe’

She may be best known for her ferocious sexual appetite on Sex and the City, but Kim Cattrall says she is through with the idea of cougars.

According to MSN, the 51-year-old actress claimed that cougars are now “passe”.

“I think we’re on to something else now. It’s not about kitten or cougar – we’re moving beyond those stereotypes,” she said.

“It’s about so much more than just being a woman on the prowl – there’s a lot more going on than that. We’ve done the work, let’s enjoy the party. Let’s not limit ourselves to labels.”

In Sex and the City, Kim’s character Samantha is well known for being a ‘trisexual’ who will give anything a go.

For a couple of episodes, she even enters into a lesbian relationship with a Portuguese artist.

In the first film outing of the series, Samantha is seen in a stable relationship with hunky boyfriend Smith, but by the end of the movie she is back to being her single self.

Kim has since indicated that Samantha will regain her sexual appetite in the second movie.

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