Katie Price told to take a baby-making break

Katie Price has been told by doctors to reduce her workload and take time off to have more sex if she wants to get pregnant.

According to the Daily Star, the glamour model has been ordered to cut down her hectic schedule and spend her time in the bedroom instead.

A source close to the 32-year-old told the newspaper that this includes her modelling and promotional work.

The news follows rumours that Katie is already expecting. Paparazzi snaps showed the usually slim and toned mum-of-three sporting what could have been a tiny baby bump.

But she quashed the claims on her Twitter page, posting: “I can confirm I’m 100 per cent not pregnant.”

However, taking a baby break now might prove difficult for Katie, as husband Alex Reid is reportedly slapping a sex ban on her before his big fight against Tom Watson later this month.

He told presenters on ITV’s This Morning that he will be going without nookie for four weeks in order to build up his aggression.

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