Katie Price on a baby-making mission

Katie Price is so desperate to have another baby that she’s demanding marathon sex sessions with husband Alex Reid.

A source close to the couple said she has drawn up a fertility chart to show when she is ovulating and stuck it to the bedroom wall.

“The chart states exactly when Kate is ‘ripe’, as Alex calls it, and when that happens they are at it six or seven times,” the insider revealed.

Glamour model Katie is said to be tiring her hubby out with her insatiable appetite for baby-making sex.

“Alex says it’s got to the point where there’s no feeling involved and it’s just completely robotic,” the pal added.

It is reported that Katie, who is also known as Jordan, wants to be pregnant by the time the couple have their wedding blessing this August.

She’s not the only celebrity on a baby-making mission. Last month a source told the Sun newspaper that Victoria Beckham was demanding sex with husband David five times a day in the hope of conceiving another child.

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