Justin Bartha lightens the mood for sex scenes with Catherine Zeta

Catherine Zeta-Jones was nervous before filming the sex scenes in her new film The Rebound, so co-star Justin Bartha cracked a joke or two to put her at ease.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the actor, who plays coffee house waiter Aram Finklestein in the movie, said it is always a little “awkward” to shoot love scenes.

“Catherine was a bit nervous, so to lighten the mood, I walked in while she was getting her make-up done and said: ‘OK, who wants to have sex with me today?’

“A few hands went up, mostly belonging to men,” he revealed.

When the stars finally got down to filming the scenes in question, even more awkwardness ensued, as Justin kept scraping his chest on the couch.

“By the end of the day it was completely red raw and exactly what you don’t want when you’re having sex with Catherine Zeta-Jones,” he remarked.

The Rebound is due for release in UK cinemas at the end of this month.

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