John James claims no nookie with Josie

Big Brother evictee John James Parton has insisted that he did not have sex with Josie Gibson while he was in the house.

The Australian contestant told Digital Spy that he found it hard to hold back when he was close to the 25-year-old.

But when asked what went on beneath the duvet while he shared a bed with his fellow housemate, he insisted: “Nothing close to sex.”

The 24-year-old claimed he wasn’t worried about being watched by millions of TV viewers. Instead, he was concerned that they would think his relationship with Josie was fake.

“People can believe what they want, but as long as Josie and me know where we stand, that’s all that’s important to me,” he remarked.

John James and Josie managed to avoid the temptation to have sex in the Big Brother house, but previous contestants didn’t have quite as much willpower.

In series five of the reality TV show, Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson were believed to have done the deed underneath a cloth-covered dining table, and in the sixth series Makosi Musambasi asked for a pregnancy test following a romp in the pool with Anthony Hutton.

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