JLS singer offered sex five times a day

Aston Merrygold from boy band JLS has claimed that he gets offered sex at least five times a day by his adoring fans.

The singer, who appeared on the TV talent show the X Factor with his band mates Marvin, JB and Ortise, said he’s always getting propositioned.

And his friends agreed that girls literally throw themselves at him.

Marvin remarked: "If I had to say which one of us gets the most action, I’d go with Aston – he definitely gets the most attention from our fans."

But Aston said he rarely acts on their advances as he doesn’t want to end up as the subject of a kiss and tell story.

"You can’t go near 99 per cent of them," he lamented.

Aston may be a hit with the group’s fans, but it was Marvin who caught the eye of pop superstar Rihanna recently.

According to the Sun, the Umbrella singer was overheard saying she "really fancies" him and wouldn’t mind going on a date with the boy band member.

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