JLS look to sponsor safe sex

It seems safe sex is an important issue for the JLS boys, as the group are hoping to launch their own rage of condoms.

Aston, Marvin, Ortise and JB insist guys should always be prepared in case they get lucky and point out that a healthy supply of condoms is essential.

Fortunately, they are unlikely to run out, as Aston’s mum makes sure the boys are well stocked up.

“My mum sends me down a stash and I dish them out to the lads so none of us have to worry,” he revealed.

He also said that he and his pals always use their own condoms, for fear that a girl may have sabotaged one in order to get pregnant with a JLS baby.

Their own range, if they go ahead with the plans, would be appropriately named Just Love Safe.

Last month, Aston revealed that he gets offered sex at least five times a day by his adoring fans.

Perhaps his mum got wind of his popularity with the ladies, which is why she’s on condom distribution duty.

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