Italians not so hot in the bedroom

It’s a common belief that Italians are the kings and queens of romance, so it makes sense that they’d be hot stuff in the bedroom right?

Wrong. According to, a new survey by market research firm Nextplora has revealed that they are actually pretty unimaginative when it comes to sex.

It showed that more than half of Italians prefer traditional sex without the use of sex toys or other aids, like lubricant and massage oils.

Only 16 per cent have tried vibrating rings, while 11 per cent have used stimulating gel to spice things up.

Perhaps the most surprising finding was that only one per cent of Italians use vibrators. If only they knew what they were missing out on!

British ladies looking for an Italian stallion to satisfy them may be disappointed by the results.

But don’t despair – research carried out last year at Utrecht University found that blokes from the UK last longer in bed than their European counterparts, so looking a little closer to home could be the best option.

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