Is a good cuppa better than sex?

Many would beg to differ, but the makers of Yorkshire Tea are claiming that a good cuppa is better than sex.

In a new advert for the brand’s Teatime’s Important campaign, a young couple are getting amorous when the guy turns to his girl and asks if she’d like a brew.

Appearing thrilled by his suggestion, she says yes, and they break off their passionate embrace to enjoy a steaming cup of Yorkshire Tea.

After giving one another a satiated look, they put down their mugs and quickly carry on frolicking on the sofa.

Of course Yorkshire Tea claims to be the best, but whether it beats a good romp remains to be seen. It probably depends on the sex.

Switch to green tea however, and you could find that a cuppa helps your sex life rather that hinders it. Studies have suggested that drinking the herbal brew can boost libido.

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