Irish actor hates filming sex scenes

He may be a bit of a hit with the ladies, but that doesn’t mean Jonathan Rhys Meyers enjoys filming sex scenes.

The Irish actor has revealed that pretending to have intercourse in front of the camera is something he finds uncomfortable.

For one thing, he dislikes having to have make-up applied to his bottom! But it’s also the less-than-intimate surroundings that turn him off.

“It is embarrassing every time,” the Match Point star told German TV channel Tele 5. “You have to pretend that you’re passionately making love and forget the whole world.

“But of course you’re on set with about 20 people, a camera and a make-up woman who conceals the pimples on your butt.”

Not all actors find it difficult to film sex scenes. Just last week Angelina Jolie said getting naked in front of the camera doesn’t faze her.

She said the physical aspect of acting out intimate moments is easy for her, while finding an emotional connection is more difficult.

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