iPhone users get more action

It seems your choice of mobile phone has a bearing on how much action you’re likely to get in the bedroom, and the iPhone comes out on top.

According to a new survey by OKCupid.com, Apple iPhone users have twice as much sex as those with other types of smartphones.

The dating website analysed data on almost 10,000 30-year-old smartphone owners and found that the average female iPhone user has had 12 sexual partners, while their male counterparts have had ten.

For BlackBerry users, this falls to nine for women and eight for men, while Android customers of both sexes have slept with just six people on average.

Presenting the findings in a blog post, OKCupid.com declared: “Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting f****d by Apple.”

Of course the survey says nothing about how often smartphone owners use their handsets to enjoy a little phone sex.

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