Hurray for Rhode Island and Delaware!

Back in November 2012 I reported that three states, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota, had just voted yes for same sex marriages. That brought the total number of states that allowed same sex marriages to nine. Considering there are 50 states, having only nine that allowed same sex marriages was pretty pathetic, although at least heading in the right direction.

The good news is that this move towards sanity and equal rights is continuing. Last week Rhode Island made same sex marriages legal and just two days ago, 7th May, 2013, Delaware followed suit. The District of Columbia, which is not a state, allows same sex marriages as does three Native American tribes.

In June, the Supreme Court will hear a case to decide if California’s Prop 8 is legal or not. California had originally voted in favour of same sex marriages and then a few months later, a proposition was passed that banned same sex marriages. The proposition has itself been declared illegal. Hopefully the Supreme Court will vote in favour of making same sex marriages legal again in California.

Although it breaks my heart that it same sex marriages are not federal law, at least more and more states are voting in favour of equality and slowly but surely the USA is stepping towards allowing basic human rights.

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