Holiday romances ‘destined for failure’

If you’re hoping for a bit of romance on your summer getaway, it may disappoint you to know that the vast majority of holiday flings are destined for failure.

According to a new survey by travel website TripAdvisor, some 58 per cent of Brits have enjoyed a Shirley Valentine-style holiday romance.

However, the research showed that 93 per cent of these relationships ended in a break-up, even though 35 per cent did last the duration of the holiday.

So who do we fall for when we’re on our jollies? Well 36 per cent of those questioned said they romanced a local while they were abroad.

A further 22 per cent said they had enjoyed a fling with a tourist of another nationality.

However, it seems that fellow Brits are the most popular choice for holiday romancers, with 38 per cent claiming to have got intimate with someone from their home country.

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