Holiday lovers ‘a rite of passage’

Summer romances are a hot topic of discussion at the moment amongst a number of journalists and editors.

The contributors described how they fell for members of the opposite sex during holidays when they were younger.

Daily Mail writer Kitty Dimbleby, who is now married, was just 15 when she had her holiday romance – with a “tanned and toned” Adonis a year older than her.

Under the stars on the beach in Devon, the pair spent all night talking and kissing.

“It was the stuff of teenage dreams – and clichés – were made of,” she remembers.

But ladies, if you fancy something a bit more grown-up on your summer holiday this year, you are not alone.

Spear’s magazine editor William Cash revealed his first summer love took place in Cannes when he was aged 23.

A struggling journalist, he met a blonde American film producer older than him and the two went on to enjoy a passionate affair, driving around France and spending nights in chateaux and farmhouses.

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