Have sex during the day to beat post-coital sleepiness

For years women have been wondering why their men can’t stay awake long enough to enjoy a chat or even a cuddle after sex.

Scientists have sought to explain the phenomenon in physiological terms, telling us that when a man climaxes, a cocktail of hormones is released, some of which are linked to sleep and relaxation, causing him to konk out.

It may be nothing personal, but it can still leave a woman feeling frustrated and unappreciated when their partner drifts off immediately after intercourse.

To solve the problem and ensure you enjoy some post-coital canoodling, sexpert Rowan Pelling recommends having sex away from the bedroom or in the middle of the day.

"Try making love downstairs, or in the bathroom with a full bath already run – then it makes absolute sense that you’d bathe together languidly and chat," she states.

Enjoying a bit of nookie during the day or in less predictable places could also help couples in long-term relationships keep the passion alive and prevent sex from becoming too routine.

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