Have more sex to lose weight

Sex burns a lot of calories and could be a good option for women looking to tone up, it has been suggested.

With the summer holidays coming up, women across the country are no doubt in need of some handy tips to make their wobbly bits vanish.

The Daily Mail has compiled a list of activities ladies can undertake to get rid of those excess pounds.

Having sex is one good way to shape up in time for the beach, the newspaper advises.

It is medically proven that a session between the sheets is effective in weight loss, with 150 calories being burnt every 20 minutes.

That’s more than many other popular exercises!

Nookie is also thought to boost production of a hormone that increases metabolism and improves lean muscle growth.

As a result, you get that toned shape you need to really work that skimpy two-piece you bought last week.

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