Government launches safe sex campaign

A new campaign promoting open and honest discussions about safe sex and contraception among young people has been launched by the government.

Aimed at those aged 16 to 24, its goal is to help teenagers and those in their early 20s make more informed choices about preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

In addition to raising awareness of the different types of contraception available, some of which may suit people’s lifestyles more than others, the campaign will also encourage young men and women to take chlamydia tests.

The government hopes the information provided will improve young people’s understanding of sexual health and help them feel more comfortable talking about it.

Public health minister Gillian Merron said: “The government’s campaign is designed to change attitudes and show young people that having open conversations with their partners, friends, parents and health professionals is a must.”

Such discussions may be particularly important, since a recent government-commissioned survey uncovered a worrying lack of knowledge about sexual health and pregnancy issues.

One fifth of people questioned were unaware that some sexually transmitted infections can’t be cleared up with antibiotics, while more than one in ten thought a woman couldn’t get pregnant if she had sex standing up.

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