Gordon gets icy oral

TV chef Gordon Ramsay has shared some rather intimate details about his sex life in a revealing interview.

According to the Daily Star, he told an American radio show that Tana used a pair of “icy lips” to ease his pain after he burnt his male parts in the kitchen.

The F Word star said he accidentally scorched himself by standing too close to the cooker in one of his restaurants.

“Suddenly I felt this searing heat,” he recollected.

“My balls were burning. I turned round and there was a huge hole in my pants where I’d burnt my left bollock.”

The 43-year-old described the experience as “really really painful” but revealed that his wife helped soothe him by putting ice cubes in her mouth and giving him a little oral attention.

And he joked that despite the accident, his reproductive organs are in full working order, as demonstrated by his four “amazing” kids.

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