Girls like a guy who can work his tool

Forget looks, charm and money. What women really want is a guy who knows what to do with his tool.

According to a new survey by Bosch, some 37 per cent of women want a man who’s a dab hand at DIY.

A further 34 per cent said they’d go for a bloke who can fix a car engine.

By comparison, just 13 per cent are on the lookout for a man who can make cocktails like Tom Cruise.

Chris Tidy, a DIY expert from Bosch, said: “While all women love to be romanced, it seems your DIY skills are the thing they are really looking for.”

However, despite the findings of the survey, just 38 per cent of people actually enjoy putting up shelves and papering walls.

Some 43 per cent of those questioned said they are too worried about DIY going wrong, while 38 per cent said they are too busy to see jobs through.

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