Full Moon sparks passion

If you’re planning a night of passion with your partner, check your calendar to find out when the next full moon is due.

According to a survey by Universal UK, which is behind the DVD release of the Wolfman, a full moon makes us feel more amorous.

Some 64 per cent of women and 61 per cent of men believe the moonlight brings out their animal instincts, Female First reported.

The research also showed that a full moon can prompt unpredictable behaviour, especially in women.

Indeed, four in ten of those questioned said they experience mood swings and feel a little crazy when the moon is full.

Instead of channelling this energy into an argument with your other half over the washing up, why not use it to your advantage and enjoy a wild night in the bedroom?

Behavioural psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson said the findings are not surprising, as a full moon has been linked to romance and erratic behaviour throughout history.

“This is apparently because moonlight is slightly unreal and mysterious, dim enough to reduce inhibitions and mask blemishes but bright enough to stimulate and support mischief.”

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