Friends with benefits – doomed to fail!

Though the scenario that’s inspired Justin Timberlake’s new film may seem attractive,  having a ‘no-strings ‘ sexual relationship with a friend seems almost impossible to do successfully, according to a study.

Scientists believe that because the nature of such a relationship is undefined, such unions are doomed to failure.

Lead researcher Rebecca Plante, of Ithaca College in New York, interviewed 14,000 U.S. university students.  She said: ‘The sexual context of “friends with benefits” is largely undefined, which can make it very difficult to deal with when or if feelings change, such as when one of the pair wants to end the sex but remain friends or wants to become more than friends.  She added, the friends with benefits situation can provide a healthy outlet for sexual needs and desires but warned that complications will almost certainly arise.

She said: ‘My research shows that perhaps the most frequent consequence is awkwardness, accompanied by strained or ceased contact and eventually either future hook-ups or the resumption of a non-sexual friendship.’

Personally, I’d take anything I could get with Justin.

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