Frequent sex lovers ‘more likely to cheat’

Men who value regular sex are more than twice as likely to cheat compared to those who don’t see nookie as a huge priority, according to a new survey.

Online dating service Parship found that 34 per cent of guys who see frequent intercourse as a vital part of their relationships have played away.

By contrast, just 13 per cent of men who say they don’t need regular bedroom action to feel content have been unfaithful.

Perhaps men who demand regular sex are looking elsewhere because they’re not getting enough at home.

That’s the excuse that Ashley Cole used to explain away his infidelities, claiming that his sex life with Cheryl suffered when her mum moved into their home.

The survey also revealed that men who believe in love at first sight are more likely to stray than those who think falling in love happens over time.

Dr Nafsika Thalassis, Parship’s singles coach, said the results suggest that there is a close relationship between infidelity and impulsiveness.

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