Frequent sex leads to healthy sperm

Now there’s another reason to have sex every day! Not only is it great exercise and lots of fun, but studies have shown that it leads to healthier sperm in men.

According to Dr David Greening from the Australian infertility treatment centre Sydney IVF, daily nookie can significantly improve sperm quality.

He told over 100 men with above-average damage to their sperm to ejaculate daily for seven days.

After testing their semen, Dr Greening found that their DNA fragmentation index – which is a measure of sperm quality – dropped to an average of 26 per cent, from 34 per cent previously.

The research busts the commonly held myth that couples with fertility problems should abstain from sex for several days to improve their chances of conceiving.

It could also give blokes another excuse to enjoy a little self-loving if their partner isn’t in the mood.

Of course there are other ways to improve sperm quality. Researchers from the University of Murcia found recently that a healthier diet will result in better reproductive health.

But eating fruit and vegetables is not nearly as much fun as getting down and dirty between the sheets! As is using male sex toys, so why not try one of our realistic male masturbators if you can’t find a lover to have sex with frequently!

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