Free sex toys instead of work bonuses? #Fail

I’ve heard of some weird work perks before, but this company has just topped the list…

In my time, I’ve been given some pretty strange free things by my bosses. The obvious ones: the odd bottle of wine, free cake, or a staff discount, all come in pretty handy. The slightly weirder ones include free chicken and wedges and once a free mortgage consultation.

But a company in China has just beaten all the weird freebies hands-down, by offering sex dolls to all its male employees.

Here’s the full story over at the Daily Star, so take it with as much salt as you’d like to pinch.

“An internet dating company surprised staff by presenting them with inflatable toys instead of their usual annual rewards.

Employees were even given a demonstration on how to use the blow-up benefits – on stage at their end-of-year party.”

How would you feel about this? I know there are plenty of sex doll fans at SexToys – sex dolls are often one of the best sex toys. But I’m guessing that when it comes to choosing a sex doll, those who like them would probably rather select their own. It is, after all, quite a personal choice given that you’ll be taking it to bed with you.

What’s more, I can’t help but feel desperately sorry for all those red-faced employees. Even in a sex-related company, it’s still embarrassing to talk about your boners in front of your boss.

It’s a bit like the deeply awkward and old-fashioned idea that the boss should take their colleagues to strip clubs as a reward for a job well done. No matter how much you love strip clubs, being compelled to go there and sit next to Jim from accounts while he gets his first lap dance is probably going to be a bit of a cringe-fest. And don’t get me started on how straight women and gay guys probably feel. Like being taken to a meat-all-you-can buffet when half your staff are vegan.

It got me thinking, though, about work perks: sure sex dolls are a weird one, but how much weirder are they than the bottles of wine that used to get doled out in my sales job? Or the ‘free drinks’ Christmas parties that many of us look forward to? They’re definitely my idea of a perk, even if I do have to watch aforementioned Jim from accounts getting sloppy on Rioja and sobbing about the last quarter’s targets. But there are plenty of people who either don’t drink, or for whom the idea of a compulsory party with their colleagues sounds like the worst evening in the world.

What’s the weirdest perk you’ve ever been given at work? And do you think it’s nice when people get free things as bonuses?

Personally I think free sex dolls is a pretty rubbish bonus, even if you really love sex dolls. But the more I think about it, the more I see the flaws in almost any free gift a company could give. Maybe bosses all over the world would do well to remember the rule:

Most people would rather have the cash. 

At least that way, they can browse all the sex toys and pick the one they want the most…

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