Foxy Roxxxy is the real deal

She’s eight stone and seven pounds, has curvy C size breasts, comes dressed in eye-popping lingerie and will talk to you about the FA Cup.

Meet Roxxxy, the world’s first ‘sexbot’.

Unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last weekend, Roxxxy is the sassy life-sized sex companion who’s got hearts in the industry racing faster than a multi-speed vibrator.

“She can’t vacuum, she can’t cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean,” said creator Douglas Hines from TrueCompanion.

Just like a real woman, the beautiful brunette has flesh-like synthetic skin and an mock skeleton. With in-built “artificial intelligence” Roxxxy can be programmed to talk about anything from Manchester United to what is her favourite position.

And if you think variety is the spice of life, she even comes equipped with five different personalities including S&M Susan for the kinky customer or Frigid Farrah who is more shy and reserved.

For a price tag of around US$7,000 (£4,350) to US$9,000 (£5,993), the owner can customise Roxxxy’s hair, race and breast size to create their perfect partner.

Girls needed worry either, the sex industry is anything but a “man’s world”, with a female companion coined ‘Rocky’ currently in development.

Roxxxy’s proved things have really come along since the world’s first blow up sex dolls were distributed during the World War II.

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