For sale: A £36k sex toy

Everyone likes a little luxury in their lives, particularly when it comes to sex toys.

But you’d have to be filthy rich to afford the latest naughty gadget on sale at Parisian jeweller Maison Victor.

According to the AFP news agency, the white gold dildo is being dubbed the world’s most expensive erotic novelty.

But it’s not just a sex toy – it also opens up to reveal a beautiful ring studded with no less than 117 18-carat diamonds.

Not surprisingly, it doesn’t come cheap. The price tag for this particular luxury sex aid reads a whopping €40,000 (£36,000).

"This sex toy was designed for rich people who want to declare their love in a special way," explained Maison Victor manager Jean Francois Tokars.

It certainly makes a rabbit vibrator seem like a snip at between £20 and £50. You’d probably get more use out of the latter as well.

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