Foods to give your libido a lift

We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but there’s one particular advantage that’s not often discussed.

While salmon, garlic and pumpkin seeds may provide your body with essential vitamins and nutrients, they can also give your sex drive a major boost.

That’s right, these super foods are all believed to be aphrodisiacs and can apparently enhance any flagging libido.

In an article for CBS News, Dr Nicholas Perricone, author of the forthcoming book Forever Young, lists ten of the best sex-boosting foods.

He said asparagus is great because it helps to increase the production of histamine in the body, which is essential for a healthy sex drive.

Avocado is another important aphrodisiac, as it is rich in folic acid, which lifts energy levels and improves moods.

Other foods that make the top ten include blueberries, cold water fish such as sardines and anchovies, chocolate, watermelon and good old-fashioned oysters.

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