Fitting into old jeans ‘better than sex’

More than one in four women think the thrill of fitting into an old pair of jeans again would be better than sex.

That is the finding of a new survey by healthy cereal brand Special K, which indicated that a third of those questioned keep ‘trophy jeans’ they used to fit into in the hope they will be able to again in the future.

When asked how managing to wear them again would feel, 29.1 per cent of women said that the sensation would be “better than sex“.

A similar number (28.9 per cent) thought it would be better than a promotion, while one in ten even believed the feeling would outshine a marriage proposal.

What’s more, a third of women fantasise about fitting into their trophy jeans more than they do about the likes of celebrities such as George Clooney.

“This research shows the sense of euphoria and the endorphin rush women get when they achieve their goal of fitting back into that one special pair of jeans is even better or on a par with some of the other great pleasures in life,” said Special K’s Laura Bryant.

Just last week, Jimmy Choo revealed that Madonna once suggested she would prefer to buy a new pair of his shoes than have sex.

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