First shoes mean more to women than first kiss

When it comes to first times, it seems shoe shopping is a more memorable experience for women than kissing.

According to a new survey by shoe storage retailer, more than 92 per cent of girls remember the first pair of shoes they bought with their own money.

However, when asked to recall the name of the person they first locked lips with, just 63 per cent can manage it.

And dumping a pair of shoes appears to be more traumatic for women than getting rid of a bloke.

A massive 96 per cent of girls said they regretted throwing out their old footwear, but just 15 per cent regretted giving their ex the heave ho.

Glendon Lloyd, director of, said: “People always think of women storing old love letters in a shoebox, but in many cases, the shoes themselves are even more precious.”

Earlier this month, a survey by fashion website MyCelebrityFashion revealed that women think about shopping more often than they think about sex, which may go some way towards explaining the results of this latest study.

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