female crickets sleep around

The female cricket is perhaps one of the most wanton of the whole animal kingdom!

During the mating season, she will sleep with numerous males before she finally decides whose baby she wants to have, the Times newspaper reported.

That’s right, scientists studying the behaviour of field crickets have found that females have the ability to choose which male’s sperm fertilises her eggs and sleeping around therefore gives her the best chance of finding a suitable father.

“It seems that the female can exercise post-copulation mate choice,” explained Professor Tom Tregenza, who led the study.

“They only use sperm from males they like.”

Unfortunately for the guys, this means that unless they’re a hit in the sack, they’re unlikely to produce any offspring.

However, they certainly enjoying trying, as the research showed that when cricket pairs do get together, they have sex up to 40 times.

Oh to be a cricket!

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