Factory workers named friskiest employees

Factory workers are more likely to get it on in the workplace than employees working in any other profession.

According to a new study by HR consultancy Reabur, some 19 per cent of people who work in factories have had sex while on the job.

Almost one-third said they spend an average of two hours in every working day thinking about sex.

Office workers came second in the poll, with 16 per cent having left their desks to enjoy a quickie with a colleague.

The results came as a surprise, since just under half of those questioned had guessed that airline cabin crew would come out on top as the most promiscuous.

Only four per cent had predicted that factory workers would be the randiest.

Reabur spokesperson Georgina Read said: “Jobs that require a large amount of repetition tend to allow the mind to wander, quite clearly leaving it free to think of other, more exciting things.”

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