Facebook & Twitter: The UK’s favourite websites

It’s good to talk – and this has been proven once again with Experian Hitwise’s latest report which reveals that social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are the UK’s favourite internet destinations.

Last month, Facebook announced it had registered 30 million new users in the UK alone, that’s half the population!

Due to many links blurring the two sites, Twitter has now seen its own popularity rise with the UK public.

The Research Director at Experian Hitwise, Robin Goad, explains:

“The relationship between the two categories is getting a lot closer with more and more people sharing content from entertainment sites on social sites, such as Facebook. Increasingly social networks are playing host to content from entertainment sites.

This doesn’t mean people are no longer visiting entertainment or content sites, but it just means they are now interacting more with the material they watch often first via a social network – after a friend has shared a link on a site like Facebook – rather than going direct to the source’s site.”

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, shared his vision for the successful Facebook site at the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. In this he stated that everything online should be run through social mediums, and only businesses which put social networking options and features related to their online presence will win out with traffic and site usage.

Talking about the previously popular Yahoo owned site Flickr (an online destination for people to share and store photos), Zuckerberg explained how Facebook had taken the lead due to users being able to integrate social elements, content and other users in the one space.

He predicted that in the next 5 years, almost every product on the internet is going to be ‘social’, as people usually prefer recommendations from friends or followers about what they should watch, listen to or buy online.

Google seemingly now wishes for their piece of the ‘social’ action, with hearsay about plans for a new ‘Circles’ service. Google, it appears, knows better than anyone that social networking sites are fast becoming the dominant force online and it needs to be a part of this and fast.

With dating sites being the mainstay of the sex life seeking public for many years, Facebook and Twitter may now seem to many to be the free option for connecting with like minded people, with a view to potential partners and relationships. Romance really can blossom anywhere. We have even heard of Twitter hook ups, proposals and a wedding or two!

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