Expert offers easy advice to boost your sex drive

Want to have more sex but find it difficult to get in the mood? Then fellow the advice of sexpert Susan Quilliam to boost your libido in time for Valentine’s Day.

In an article for the Sun newspaper, she offered some tips on how to encourage sexual desire in 30 simple ways.

Among her top tips are exercising, which can boost your mood and improve blood flow to the sex organs, and laying off the booze, as too much alcohol can impede sexual performance.

What you put in your mouth can also have an impact on you sex drive, with nuts and seeds, garlic, curry, oysters, melons and lean red meat all cited as potential aphrodisiacs.

And certain smells can turn you on apparently. For women, the scent of a partner’s sweat can boost arousal, as can the smell of cucumbers, while men get turned on by vanilla fragrances and the aroma of pizza.

If all that’s not enough to get you in the mood, you could try fantasising more, as Ms Quilliam claims that thinking about sex will increase your need for it. Similarly, taking a break from penetration will make you want it even more.

The advice follows research by scientists at the Medical University of Graz in Austria, who found that exposure to sunlight encourage sexual desire in men, as it causes vitamin D levels to rise, which in turn boosts testosterone.

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