Erotica: It’s back, bigger and better than ever!

After a year off (probably for a good old rest from all the squeaky rubber, tight chains, hard spanks and such) Erotica has burst back onto the scene for 2013 and sucking all who adore her into her voluptuous bosom!

Our PR & Marketing wench, Em, went down to see what all the fuss was about this weekend and has come back into the office looking all flustered!

As all of you seasoned smutsters will be aware, it was the return of that big ol’ beast Erotica as it took over the ever-so-apt location of Tobacco Dock in Wapping, London for the weekend of 25th-27th October. I’d been to this location before for the prestigious London Tattoo convention and knew that an event like this would be well-suited to the dark catacombs for filth-pedalling shops and pervy platforms for live performances that it possessed. I wasn’t wrong…


As I wondered the flagstone walkways, I could see all the well known brands were there in full-frontal-force, with new, boutique brands slotted in between, making for a veritable sandwich of stuff to look at and get involved with.

It didn’t take long for me to get my bearings and bump into some industry faces, making me feel at home in no time…


Mooching about in the press lounge, it was lovely bumping into the eternally pink Mia More (Cliterati) and hot-to-trot Alix Fox (Freelance Journalist/Bizarre Magazine), both of which were dressed to impress as always!


Then later on lingering in the catacombs, I was apprehended by the full Ohh My team who were up to no good as always…

I even caught up with the man behind the delightfully decadent diamond-tipped condom, Barry! He had a definite sparkle in his eye, what with this being his very first Erotica!


It was great to see such a wide encompassment of Erotica. From music to art, acts to fashion, there was something for everyone. Between feasting my eyes on glamorous burlesque performances and eye-popping outfits, I took the opportunity to speak to stall holders to find out more about their backgrounds, and what their connections were with Erotica.

The main feedback I gathered during my chats was that some of the seasoned Erotica veterans seemed to struggle with the new venue, preferring a more intimate environment than being spread out, but almost all were definitely coming back for round two next year. Personally, I think Tobacco Dock is a great location for a show such as this. The architecture was almost made for the subject matter, with plenty of space for people to stop, chat and relax, watching the weird world go by.


I found myself losing time so quickly there, meeting with customers, friends, staff, and even the acts, it really did remind me that working with such great people in this industry really was a pleasure on all fronts!

I spent some time hanging around the stalls for a while…

Aside from gawping at the weird and wonderful characters wondering the fabulously industrial building, there was plenty to see and do with numerous stalls selling toys, kink wear, gifts, clothing, jewellery, and endless other interesting trinkets. The layout worked well to serve as a kind of naughty shopping mall with such a wide variety of genres or product. There were lots of different rooms, nooks and crannies to explore, with live acts on throughout the day. You really did get plenty of bang for your buck…so to speak!


Spearmint Rhino were also on top form as always with their purpose-built nightclub and bar, complete with dancers, bikes and a sushi platter…on a naked lady! Move over Sex in the City!

Upon my travels…I also stumbled across the ever-so-sexy Miss Rachael McCoy (one of the Official Sexperts for Erotica) launching her Inspiring Sexuality courses at the show, she was overwhelmed with the interest as ever and was using our very own Rev1000 for her masterclasses and talks across the weekend. You go girl!


There certainately was a full programme of events throughout the day which did well to balance out my time there (as you can see from the cover image of this post…and look who’s ad was right next to it!), I think the amount of variety on offer and big names at that, did well to justify the entry cost and I certainately look forward to seeing it develop into a whole new beast as the years go on.

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Erotica will be running again next year, at the same venue! So if you missed out this year, put 3rd-5th October in your diaries now!

Did you attend the show this year? What did you think of it? Have you been before? 

Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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