E-books spark rise in Mills & Boon sales

The rise in popularity of the e-book has led to an increase in sales of Mills & Boon novels by nearly 60 per cent.

Secret readers of the steamy books are also more inclined to get the raunchiest ones since no one can see what they’re reading on the train or bus. Books from the ‘spice’ range are the most frequently downloaded.

Spice novels are exclusive to e-readers and according to the publisher’s website are a ‘hot line-up of sexual and sensual stories for discerning women’.

Hazel Powell, commercial manager for books at Tesco, commented: “Bashful customers prefer to use e-readers so they can access stories privately. However, there is no reason why reading Mills & Boon should have to be a guilty pleasure.”

Figures from the supermarket, as reported by the Daily Mail, also showed that younger readers are more inclined to download a digital version of the books. Almost a third of 30-42 year olds said that they were embarrassed to be seen with a Mills & Boon in their shopping basket.

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