Does the G-spot exist? The French say Oui

Researchers in France insist they have found the female G-spot, just weeks after a group of British experts claimed it doesn’t exist.

According to gynaecologists in Paris, around 60 per cent of women have the erogenous zone, which becomes more functional through regular interaction.

Last month, researchers at King’s College London concluded that the G-spot is simply a figment of women’s imaginations, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists.

But their counterparts across the channel argue otherwise. They said the British study shows a complete lack of respect for what women say.

French surgeon Pierre Foldes said: "It is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability. It cannot be reduced to a yes or no or an on or off."

Still haven’t found yours? Unsure of whether or not you actually have one? Then keep searching, and maybe invest in a new sex toy to help you in your explorations.

The jury might still be out on the G-spot’s existence, but that doesn’t make it any less fun hunting for it.

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