Doctor warms of STI risk to senior citizens

A doctor in the US has warned that one of the fastest-growing groups contracting and spreading sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) is senior citizens.

Writing in the Kansas City Star, Edward Salko, a family physician from Fort Myers in Florida, said more must be done to raise awareness of the risks of unprotected sex among older people.

He said there are a number of reasons why STIs are spreading so quickly among senior citizens. For example, some experts blame erectile dysfunction medications, while others point the finger at midlife divorces and online dating.

However, Dr Salko insisted that lack of education is a major contributor, as older people simply do not understand the threats to their health.

“When seniors were growing up, they had to think about only two STIs. Today there are many more,” he explained, pointing out that avoiding pregnancy was usually the only thing on their minds.

“Because many are past menopause, that risk factor is gone, so they don’t use condoms and the STIs rage on.”

His comments follow the publication of a survey by Lloydspharmacy which showed that chlamydia is more common among men than women.

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