Do your maths to attract a man

Women are often told that less is more when it comes to showing off skin, but everyone knows that flashing a bit of flesh is a sure fire way of getting attention.

Now scientists have figured out that to maximise their changes of bagging a bloke, women should bare exactly 40 per cent of their bodies, the Daily Mail reports.

Researchers at the University of Leeds came to their conclusions after observing the behaviour of women in a nightclub and noting what they were wearing.

They found that those showing 40 per cent of their skin were approached by men twice as often as those showing more or less.

“Any more than 40 per cent and the signal changes from ‘allure’ to one indicating general availability and future infidelity,” explained psychologist Colin Hendrie.

“Show some leg, show some arm, but not any more than that.”

For those who want to do the maths for themselves, an arm counts for ten per cent, while a leg represents 15 per cent.

But flash the whole torso and you’ve gone too far, as this apparently counts for 50 per cent of skin.

To really make an impact, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables could help.

Researchers at St Andrews University found recently that Caucasian men and women with a rosy or golden glow to their skin are more attractive to the opposite sex.

They claimed that a diet rich in fruit and veg is a better way of achieving this look than tanning.

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